The full details on HBO Now

Earlier today HBO announced more details on their much anticipated standalone OTT service, HBO Now. The service will be available starting in April, 2015— just in time for the Game of Thrones premiere we’re all waiting for— exclusively on Apple devices for a monthly subscription fee of $14.99.

As you can check on the video above, their offer is pretty irresistible: full access to all of HBO’s acclaimed original programming — past, present and future — as well as their huge catalog of blockbusters. It will be interesting to see what impact this will have on Netflix since it seems that  HBO Now will have a much more current and relevant offering for only a couple more dollars and, even though Netflix has had a good run for a while its original programing is starting to level off with most programmers especially after House of Cards Season 3 was so poorly received.

This is probably the most anticipated event of 2015 for TV fans. Curd-cutters and cord-nevers have been around for years now and they’re not changing their minds – times have changed, content consumption habits followed along and there’s no way out for programmers except to adapt. It is a complicated issue for them because going standalone OTT is a big hit on the cable providers but no one else was in a better position to start the movement than HBO.

Will you be subscribing to HBO Now?


6 thoughts on “The full details on HBO Now

  1. Be@ says:

    I am so grateful that they are finally (finally!) taking this step and I think it’s very important for the whole industry, but I find that 14,99$/month is not a very competitive price.
    I personally don’t have cable (or a tv, for what matters…) but I already have to pay for Netflix and Hulu Plus, now adding this to the mix would be a little bit too much for my poor students’ pockets so I don’t think I’m going to get it. Not for now, at least.
    I’m sure they will have thousands of subscribers nonetheless, but for the moment they are too “premium” to get very popular.
    We’ll see.

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    • Natalia H.V. Justino says:

      I agree that it’s a bit steep, but I think that giving the consumer the freedom is the highlight here because you can at least look at your 3 options of OTT providers and decide which one’s you want to invest on. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Hulu Plus’ catalog and, between Netflix’s and HOB’s I suspect HBO will have a more attractive offer. We have to wait and see :)


    • Natalia H.V. Justino says:

      Seems so to me! I think Netflix had a good run but I’m not very enthusiastic about their new stuff (or the other seasons of buzzed shows like HoC) so I’ll definitely consider switching my Netflix subscription for a HBO Now one.


  2. Giada Palma says:

    HBO Now offers the very first window, but it’ll probably continue licensing its content to other platforms, as it has always done. $14.99 seems like a pretty high price for me in the SVOD world. I drew the scenario in my post and I’m pretty curious to see the outcome as I doubt that people will pay simultaneously for cable, Netflix, HBO and possibly Hulu plus in the long run.

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