(this is a new series on the blog – and one that’s nowhere near being fully fleshed out. I’ll likely be sharing my take on recent shows and movies and also some classics. If there’s anything specific you guys wanna hear about let me know ;) )

It took me forever to watch “Boyhood”. The concept seemed interesting but the trailer just didn’t appeal to me.

Then I finally watched it and it was very much what I expected except it was beautiful. The concept is indeed interesting but that’s where the specialty about this movie ends. What’s beautiful about it is not that it’s director, Richard Linklater, decided to make a movie about a boy over 12 years but that the story he decided to tell over 12 years is a perfectly normal one, about normal people, living normal lives. What could be more poetic than that?

So I aplaude this movie for being so sincere and casual. It’s a beautiful thing when a person takes 12 years to admire the simple flow of life.

On a Oscar note – did it deserve a Best Picture or Director Award for that? I don’t think so. It feels a lot more like a window into our own lives, a train ride if you will, but it doesn’t break the glass and drags us somewhere else. It’s a ride, not a destination.

So – should you spend (long) 3h on it? Absolutely.


2 thoughts on “Boyhood

  1. maryzatz says:

    I enjoyed watching Boyhood, even though it was one of my least favorites among the nominees for Best Picture. I really liked the first three quarters of it, but after that, the movie dragged itself to the end, in my opinion. I remember thinking the movie was over, but then there was another scene… and another. That’s when I grabbed my phone and checked on the internet how long the movie was. It shocked me to see it was three hours long, and that there was still 20 minutes to go. I guess that’s why I hated the last 20 minutes, because to me, the movie was already over. In my opinion, if that movie was 30 minutes shorter, it would have been perfect.

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    • Natalia H.V. Justino says:

      I usually abhor movies that are too long (hence me and The Hobbit being such a horrible match) but surprisingly I didn’t feel so bothered about it on Boyhood. It’s also not that kind of movie though that you have to keep your eyes glued to the screen to understand so maybe that helped.


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