2015 Oscar predictions

It’s awards season and the biggest of them all is this Sunday night. The Oscars are arguably the most predictable award show there is but still hold their allure, dominate conversations everywhere and most importantly, drive eyeballs to the nominees.

It’s time to put our money where our mouth is. To help make up our minds about this year’s winners I rounded up three great articles about the topic. First, there’s an interesting series the Hollywood Reporter is doing on the winner predictions where each day they’ll post a brutally honest ballot by an anonymous Academy member – very entertaining stuff. On a more traditional note, there’s a Variety article by Tim Gray, Jenelle Riley and Ramin Sedooteh on who will win and another Hollywood Reporter article by Scott Feinberg and Todd McCarthy, the one that rings closer to what this time of year is all about for movie lovers everywhere, that goes on the who should win/who will win dilemma.

Here are some of the nominees I’ll be putting my money on:

PICTURE: My money’s on “Birdman”, even though my heart goes to “Whiplash”, the best movie I’ve seen in ages. I also have a creeping feeling “Boyhood” has considerable chance here but I think it’s more likely to take home Director instead since the movie itself, as art goes, is pretty bland. (Boom! I said it!) “Selma” should be a strong contender given it’s theme is totally Oscar material but it doesn’t have much more going for it besides that.

DIRECTOR: Begrudgingly, I’m going with Richard Linklater for “Boyhood”. Ok, ok, the idea itself is cool but that’s about it. I would like much more to see this one go to Alejandro G. Inarritu for his spectacular work on “Birdman” or, to my favorite film maker of all times, Wes Anderson for “The Grand Hotel Budapest” on yet another incredible piece of art, making this is a category I’ll be happy to lose.

ACTOR: No question here, Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything” has already snatched the SAG’s and Bafta’s. A Michael Keaton for “Birdman” would also be well-deserved as he was spectacular. I have nightmares about a possible Bradley Cooper upset in this category.

ACTRESS: Also no dispute, Julianne Moore is a sure win for “Still Alice”. Reese Witherspoon did amazing work on “Wild” and Rosamund Pike snatched the only nomination to “Gone Girl” – a huge snub that still bothers me – but there’s no comparing the density of their roles to Julianne’s so unfortunately for them this was a bad year to compete.

(Interesting footnote: both “Wild” and “Gone Girl” were produced by Reese’s production company, Pacific Standard, where they strive to make movies with strong female leads. More on this help for women everywhere on the next post.)

SUPPORTING ACTOR: J.K. Simmons for “Whiplash” is my safe pick but my thoughts go with Edward Norton for “Birdman”. A nod here to Mark Ruffalo, who also did splendid work on “Foxcatcher”.

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Sure win: Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood”. Emma Stone deserves a nod here for her best role to date for “Birdman”.

(Meryl Streep, only you could make me bear “Into The Woods” and it has put a dent on our relationship for now.)

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: This is the fan girl speaking for I can’t control myself – Wes Anderson for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”! This is another one that “Birdman” has good chances (but let’s hope for Wes!).

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: I’m going with Graham Moore for “The Imitation Game” but I’d be more than happy to see Damien Chazelle for “Whiplash” make me loose money here.

ANIMATED MOVIE: “How to Train Your Dragon 2” has already taken home quite a few awards and should continue the good streak.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: If anyone else other than Emmanuel Lubezki for “Birdman” takes this it will be a huge miss for it’s one of the best things about “Birdman”.

(“But what about Grand Budapest?” Yes, it excels here but it’s the same – albeit great – Wes Anderson “look” we always see and it’s not worth taking it away from such a unique departure as “Birdman” accomplished.)

EDITING: Given the interesting 12-year structure it should go to Sandra Adair for “Boyhood”. (See, I can show this movie some love too..)

ORIGINAL SCORE: Hum..Tricky one. I’m going with Jóhann Jóhannsson for “The Theory of Everything”. It sounds right and the score actually moved me at various moments during the movie.

COSTUME DESIGN: Wes, you got it! Milena Canonero for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

MAKEUP/HAIRSTYLING: I honestly couldn’t recognize Steve Carell for the first minute of “Foxcatcher’s” trailer plus unrecognizable actors = Oscar gold. Bill Corso, Dennis Liddiard, “Foxcatcher”.

ORIGINAL SONG: No question here, “Glory” from “Selma” has already snatched multiple awards and show carry on doing so.

PRODUCTION DESIGN: It would take a stroke to make me ever put my money on anyone else for this award in a year that a Wes Anderson movie is competing. Adam Stockhausen for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

SOUND EDITING: I might bite my tong here but I’m going with Martin Hernández and Aaron Glascock for “Bridman” at the very real risk of “American Sniper” taking this one.

SOUND MIXING: John Reitz, Gregg Rudloff and Walt Martin for “American Sniper”.

The 87th Academy Awards airs Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT on ABC.

Who do you think will be taking home the most coveted awards of the industry?


3 thoughts on “2015 Oscar predictions

  1. Dilson Neto says:

    Great post! I think you’ll win our bet this year ;)

    PICTURE: “Boyhood”

    DIRECTOR: “Birdman”

    ACTOR: Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything”

    ACTRESS: Julianne Moore for “Still Alice”.

    SUPPORTING ACTOR: J.K. Simmons for “Whiplash”

    SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood”.

    ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Wes Anderson for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

    ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Graham Moore for “The Imitation Game”. Unfair, stupid, but Weinstein Brothers, so I guess it’s a sure win.

    ANIMATED MOVIE: “How to Train Your Dragon 2”

    CINEMATOGRAPHY: Emmanuel Lubezki for “Birdman”

    EDITING: Sandra Adair for “Boyhood”.

    ORIGINAL SCORE: Alexandre Desplat for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. But I guess you’re right. I’m gonna lose this one…

    COSTUME DESIGN: Milena Canonero for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

    MAKEUP/HAIRSTYLING: Frances Hannon, Mark Coulier for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

    ORIGINAL SONG: “Glory” from “Selma”

    PRODUCTION DESIGN: Adam Stockhausen for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

    SOUND EDITING: I’m taking a risk here: “Interstellar”. I would vote for “Birdman” and “American Sniper” will win. But I’ll go with “Interstellar” because I’m weird.

    SOUND MIXING: “Interstellar”. Yeah, I’m drunk.

    Miss you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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