Entertainment industry’s top 22 issues for 2015 by Hollywood’s best & brightest

It’s the start of a new year and with it comes new – and not so new – challenges for those in the entertainment industry. No matter where we find ourselves in this business keeping an eye on the bigger picture and addressing the changes that are constantly happening around us is what keeps us on top of things.

With this in mind Variety magazine did an amazing article I recommend for anyone interested in keeping up with the big moves that are happening. The article displays 22 of the biggest media business’ players addressing the industry’s most pressing issues for 2015, from declining movie audiences, especially in the younger demographics, to inadequate audience measurement across platforms that are making everyone loose money and opportunities.

Don’t have the time to go through all 22 of them? I hear you. Here are my top 3:

Mark Pedowitz, CW president, on how there’s a lack of measuring tools to accurately measure viewership in these modern times and how it’s making everyone in the chain loose money and opportunities, including viewers!| Read more

Chris McGurk, Cinedigm chairman and CEO on facing the reality that viewing habits have changed permanently and the traditional economic model is at risk – this is a big one as so far everyone is having a hard time staying on their feet.| Read more

Ron Meyer, NBCUniversal vice chairman on how the movie industry has been standing on a non-profitable and unsustainable business strategy for too long.| Read more

Which issues are on your mind for 2015?


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